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Welcome to The Elite of Vanadiel -- Currently we do not have the manpower to conduct a Dynamis Run or Sky event.  However we are looking for those players who are willing to join us, to build an 'elite' group of players who work as a team.   In the meanwhile, we are running all of the current member through C.O.P. to gain 'Sea' access. 

Who am I looking to join us? I'm looking for loyal members who believe in the same values. I am looking for 'Team players' who is willing to think about everyone.  I don't think it is fair for those players who 'use' people to advance.  I have never used any linkshell to obtain items I needed, nor do I believe you should. 

I want to be the type of linkshell that helps 'all' of the members! I don't want any of my members thinking I am unapproachable.  If you keep the Team Thinking -- No one should be unapproachable!

I DO hope you consider joining us, and making this the Best Damn Endgame LS in the history of the game! 

COP Marches ON-ward

mallicai, May 21, 09 5:05 PM.
I wanted to take the time to Congratulate you first for getting through the Promies ~ You all did a terrific job -- Including helping the stragglers get caught up!

The Elite Of Vanadiel has set out with a purpose of obtaining sea!

I believe last count we had 15 members in the LS --- Woot!  Keep telling your friends all I ask if your bringing in a new member please be sure they are up to our level on COP. 

There was also I mini discussion on Vent yesterday about the LS paying for needed supplies.  First of all I need you all to tell me what you need if you need something.  I can't read your inventory -- as much as I try and try.  I do believe the LS should be able to pay for the cost of supplies we need for COP if we are not doing dynamis.  We can make the money up later... and I've had several volunteers offer to help, re-coop some of the money spent.  [To get everyone just to A-01 will cost the LS about 600k....  Well worth it! .... I'll continue to do this as long as I have the funds.  .... and I don't care what anyone says... The linkshell should support ALL of the members as well as all of the Members should support the shell... We are a team people!  Try to remember that!

As far as COP I know some folks are further down the mission list than others ... We will be taking 'all' of our members up... however some mission fights are 6 Member teams and we may have to do it several times -- Especially if we find a formula that provides success!

My current game plan is to Run 3 days a week -- It may take 3 different times getting members through -- Everyone schedule is not the same...  However, if you fall behind it may be difficult for us to catch you up -- So please Try to be at events or if you can't make it tell me or Tiaras or Nomad... I would rather have you tell me --- or message me. 

I would like to have SEA completed for all members by the end of the Summer ~ so if you have down time.... then please work at leveling your jobs, farming or helping with LS funds.

I would like to ask one more favor --- from me to you! ... If you get items from the LS then return items not used... this can go for the next mission... and go a long way in helping everyone.  Again, this is a team effort -- and believe it or not I am not doing it --- WE ARE doing it! 

Lets get to sea -- and build OUR endgame LS .... If you want to do something let me know... cause we will DO it... 

Some members need sky and dynamis access -- We will do another Run getting those through to both SKY and DYNAMIS! ... So look for those events!

Congrats all ~ Keep up the great work ~ and we'll get there soon!

Many of you don't know me

Nomadikhan, Apr 7, 09 3:16 PM.
As the title said most of you don't know me, I kinda appeared out of no where and all a sudden had a sack O.o?

Just to those wondering, i am a long time friend of Malicai.  Used to level red mage same time she was leveling paladin, round the time maat fights started we kinda parted ways, she beat maat 2nd try.... me my 9th like a year later.

i recently came from Absolution, a newer end game lS started by Iconoclasm.  He ran things.... oddly.  I setup his dkp system and helped with his website, so it seemed everytime something went wrong i got yelled at... tho it wasn't me.  Among this many other things that jsut weren't right were happening.  I and 5-6 others left and we kinda just went our seperate ways.

now I had a sack to malicai's shell as it was an LS for sack meetings once upon a long time ago.  So i applied and let mali know i was coming to her LS and here I am!

I know some EGLS stuff, and love missions, quests, crafting...  If there's anything any of you think I can help with feel free to ask me.  Malicai knows I'll drop most anything to help out so don't be afraid, I'm pretty laid back lol.

Rostrum Pumps -- Do you Need it?

mallicai, Apr 3, 09 12:53 PM.
Rostrum Pumps -- For our Mages Farming the pop item Tonight ~

LS Distinguished Player Award

mallicai, Apr 2, 09 12:23 PM.
This months LS Distinguished Player Award goes to:

Kelli, Tiara and Zarthinius -- All have helped fellow LS members in achieving certain levels/quests or Missions for the good of the LS.  Throughout the month of March. 

Keep helping fellow LS members  -- anyone not recognized this month may be recognized Next Month So keep up the Good work--- GOOD LUCK to you all!!! 

Thank you VERY much for helping out the way you have.... It is appreciated.

O hat Success!

Cyanidex87, Mar 7, 09 3:10 PM.
Our Optical Hat run was a complete and udder success!!!! congrats to everyone who got there shiny new Optical Hat! Annalisa, Ralnxx, Trippy, Itchitoma, Fellicity, Malicai, Delorosa, Tiaras... Thanks to ALL the ppl  who made the run possible...

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